Five Factor Personality Assessment

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The Five Factor Personality Assessment offers the most accurate and robust personality assessment tool available.

This version of the Five Factor Model is based on personality research completed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in 1994. Although numerous personality models exist, the Five-Factor Model provides the ONLY research-based instrument for assessing personality.

Please note that this survey saves results, but saves nothing that indicates your identity other than your user ID and password. So, at the end of this survey, please be sure to print yourself a copy. The book Integrated Spirituality: Spiritual Formation and the Five Factor Model will help you to better understand your results.

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Five-Factor Research Background

This research report provides a summary of five-factor research for the Air Force Research Laboratory completed in 1994 by the team of Raymond Christal, Jerry Barucky, Walter Driskill, and Janet Collis.

Click here to download the above research completed in 1994...

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