Five Factor Personality Assessment

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
Your name or personal identification information will not be collected or stored by Your five-factor assessment scores will be used only for research purposes, without your name or personal identification. No one will see your five-factor assessmet scores except the webmaster and administrator for However, cannot guaranty privacy in the event of a malicious attack against the site. You may use an alias email address (i.e. “”) if you desire additional anonymity. Please be aware that if a alias email address is used, the site’s password recovery service will not be available, and it may cause your account to become inaccessible if used.

DO NOT use these five-factor scores for any purposes other than as an indicator of spiritual maturity. Since many factors such as medications and medical conditions can affect your five-factor assessment scores, no five-factor assessment score is accurate until validated by a face-to-face interview with a physician or psychologist. These scores should be used merely as an indicator of the need for a more detailed face-to-face interview by a physician or psychologist. Do not make any decisions based on these scores until the scores are validated by a face-to-face interview with a physician or psychologist, and the physician or psychologist agrees with the decision.

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